Happy holiday from Dolomite Bio and best wishes for the new year!

With 2021 drawing to a close, we wanted to celebrate by taking a moment to reflect on everything that happened throughout the year!

The headline news

5 year anniversary

At the start of this year, we celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the launch of Dolomite Bio!

Our celebrations included a series of blogs helping you to get to know every team that helps keep the Dolomite Bio wheels turning and blog commemorating the biggest milestones we have achieved since Dolomite Bio was formed.

Did you miss out on the anniversary celebrations? Check out the blogs here


New partnerships

This year we were also joined by a fleet of new distributor partners, to reach even more customers worldwide. We welcomed on board APG Bio, TrendBio, DKSH, Prima Science, Izasa Scientific (a Werfen Company), D-Mark Biosciences, Isogen and I&L Biosystems.

If you would like to see who to get in touch within your area have a look at our locations page.


Single Cell Consultancy Service

At the end of summer, we ran an exciting campaign to spread the word even further about our Single Cell Consultancy Service, which launched in 2020.

This included a series of blogs and a webinar with handy hints and tips on keeping costs low in single cell sequencing, as well as how to get to started and how the Single Cell Consultancy Service could help you achieve both of those goals in your research!


New stuff!

Most importantly, we launched the RNAdia kit!

The RNAdia kit for single cell RNA-Sequencing on the Nadia platform offers world-class results at 50% of the cost of competitor reagents. Together with the Nadia platform, the RNAdia kit offers a high quality, low cost, complete solution for single cell RNA-Sequencing.

Missed out on this piece of news? Check out the flyer

Alongside the RNAdia kit launch, we created a brand-new protocol for single cell and single nuclei sequencing, designed to be even more efficient and user friendly!



This year saw the re-emergence of in person events in certain parts of the world, as well as some fantastic online ones!

We were delighted to present talks at SelectBio in March and at the ASHG 2021 virtual meeting in October, as well as attending NERLSCD 2021, 25th Annual meeting of Japanese Society for Vaccinology, Bio Japan 2021, Illumina – Multi-Omics Virtual Symposium) and the LifeTime Conference 2.0.

We’ve got all our fingers crossed for even more in person events in 2022, keep an eye on our events page to find out where you will get the chance to meet us next year!



After we discovered how much you loved our webinars in 2020, we went on to put out more webinars than we ever have before in 2021!

Throughout the year we hosted webinars in collaboration with Illumina once again, featuring Dr. Pawel. Zajac as their guest speaker. We also hosted a webinar in collaboration with both Illumina and S2 Genomics giving insight into sample preparation for single cell workflows. For this webinar we were joined by Dr. John Bashkin from S2 Genomics and Steven Hoffman from Illumina. In our final webinar of the year, we were joined by guest speaker Dr. Chris Sibley, discussing his latest research using the Nadia platform you can read our digest of the webinar here

We’ve already started planning our 2022 webinars, so watch this space for future talks by our lovely Dolomite Bio team members, as well as an array of interesting guests.



2021 was a busy year for our customers, with over 15 different publications mentioning our Nadia Platform in research fields such as immunology, oncology, embryology, neurology and epigenetics to name a few!

The Nadia platform was mentioned in a few systematic reviews as one of the major single cell sequencing platforms for droplet-based technologies(1,2)
A study by Rawlings et al. (2021) utilised the Nadia platform and our single cell RNA-Sequencing (scRNA-Seq) workflow to form droplets containing endometrial assembloids cells and to characterise the distinct cell populations and their changes in genetic expression upon assembloid differentiation (3). Their transcriptomic data revealed that assembloids closely resemble midluteal endometrium, identifying eleven distinct cell clusters and segregating into mainly epithelial and stromal populations.

If you would like to read more about this take a look at our digest blog of their publication here.

In March 2021, the functional and molecular consequences of HSV-1 infection on human brain cells and neurodegeneration at single cell resolution was unravelled using our platform (4). Results obtained from scRNA-Seq data suggested that HSV-1 infection led to a decrease in the number of proliferating progenitors as well as more differentiated cell types.

These are just a few examples of research done on the the Nadia platform – you can find more publications using the Nadia Instrument here.
As different applications of scRNA-Seq emerge within the scientific community, we look forward to more publications of our customers in 2022!

1. Li L, Xiong F, Wang Y, Zhang S, Gong Z, Li X, et al. What are the applications of single-cell RNA sequencing in cancer research: a systematic review. J Exp Clin Cancer Res. 2021 May 11;40(1):163.
2. Quek C, Bai X, Long GV, Scolyer RA, Wilmott JS. High-Dimensional Single-Cell Transcriptomics in Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy. Genes. 2021 Oct;12(10):1629.
3. Rawlings TM, Makwana K, Taylor DM, Molè MA, Fishwick KJ, Tryfonos M, et al. Modelling the impact of decidual senescence on embryo implantation in human endometrial assembloids. Spencer TE, Cooper JA, Spencer TE, Wagner G, Vankelecom H, Julie Kim J-Y, editors. eLife. 2021 Sep 6;10:e69603.
4. Rybak-Wolf A, Wyler E, Legnini I, Loewa A, Glažar P, Kim SJ, et al. Neurodegeneration in human brain organoids infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 [Internet]. 2021 Mar [cited 2021 Dec 10] p. 2021.03.05.434122. Available from: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.05.434122v1


Coming soon…

The Dolomite Bio Elves have already been busy getting ready to launch a new and exciting add on to the RNAdia kit, in order to create a truly hassle free, cells to data workflow!

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