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Dolomite Bio Single Cell Consultancy service explained

Can’t afford the upfront cost of getting a single cell workflow up and running in your lab? We are your solution! We are offering a specialist Single Cell Consultancy Service for your research, enabling you to outsource your single cell projects. Whether you just want to compliment your research with single cell data but don’t want to invest in a complete platform or you don’t have access to a nearby core facility. With our service you won’t require capital cost investments to get the data needed for your research project.

How To Use the Droplet Analyzer Software

Full instructions on using the new free, online, Droplet Analyzer Software

Access the software here

Introducing the nadAROSE kit with Technical Applications Specialist Dr. Tom Osborne

Construct the future of single cell research with the nadAROSE kit

The nadAROSE kit provides a simple, low-cost commercial solution for the encapsulation of single cells in individual agarose micro-scaffolds in a high throughput, reproducible manner on the Nadia instrument. Due to the high-throughput the cost per cell is drastically reduced compared to other methods.

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Introducing the Nadia Go

Power your research with Nadia Go- A compact and affordable microfluidic system

  • Customize parameters to create user-defined protocols and applications.
  • Develop new microfluidic based biological workflows.
  • Discover the unlimited possibilities of an open platform, built for custom microfluidic research and custom genomics projects.

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Introduction to Do Bio’s RNAdia 2.0 Reagent Kit

Charlotte Kirkham, Product Support Scientist introduces the kit and the extended workflow. Find out more about RNAdia 2.0 here

Introducing our new Data Analysis Service with RNAdia

 – the solution that takes you all the way from sample to data visualization.

Maximize your single cell discoveries with Do Bio! Find out more here

How to encapsulate cells in agarose beads

This video presents how to encapsulate cells in agarose beads using the Nadia Innovate platform.

Using the Nadia Innovate, we have complete control over the process of droplet formation, by changing parameters relating to the microfluidic process. These are pressure (and thereby flow rate), temperature, reservoir stirring and run duration. By altering these parameters, we can encapsulate cells in molten hydrogels to then for example: act as 3D single cell growth scaffolds or to use as input in FACS and for many more applications.

We will now go over how to make agarose beads using the Nadia Innovate. Download the The Encapsulation of Cells in Agarose application note here.

4 key tips to optimise bead flowability

This video presents in detail key actions to optimise bead flowability during scRNA-Seq runs on Nadia. We will talk about correctly filtering the suspension of ChemGenes beads, how to prepare aliquots with an adequate bead concentration and discuss appropriate bead storage conditions. Finally, we will go through loading the beads onto the Nadia cartridge.

Nadia Product Family

This video presents the Nadia Product family, outlining the benefits of each platform.

Nadia Innovate 

Revolutionize your research with Nadia Innovate, a complete microfluidic platform for exploring, developing, and scaling new ideas or pre-optmized processes

  • Customize parameters to create user-defined protocols and applications.
  • Develop new microfluidic based workflows.
  • Deploy newly developed protocols by transferring them to the Nadia Instrument for scalable, high throughput, parallel operation.

Take a look at the Nadia Innovate

Nadia Instrument

Take your research to the next level with Nadia- our microfluidic technology and pre-optimized processes, your analysis and discovery.

  • Select microfluidic steps defined by us
  • Deploy up to 8 samples in parallel
  • Measure- analyze your results; answer your research question

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