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How to videos: Drop-Seq protocol

The range of how to videos outline how to perform scRNA-Seq using the drop-seq protocol in a step by step manner on the Nadia Instrument. Using the drop-seq protocol the Nadia can dropletize up to 50,000 single cell libraries in under 20 minutes. 

Step 1a. Nadia scRNA-seq protocol- Using the Nadia Instrument



Step 1b. Nadia scRNA-seq – Barcoded mRNA capture bead preparation




Step 2. Nadia scRNA-seq – Emulsion breakage



Step 3. Nadia scRNA-seq – Bead washes and reverse transcription


Step 4. Nadia scRNA-seq – Post RT and exonuclease step


Step 5. Nadia scRNA-seq – Bead counting and PCR