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Candy DNA model

What you’ll need

  • Strawberry laces/ pencils or liquorice sticks
  • Jelly babies/ jelly tots/ wine gums
  • cocktail sticks
  • a clear, easy to clean surface


How to make your candy DNA model

Genes are a set of instructions held on a string of DNA, which tells a cell how to make a specific protein or enzyme molecule. This special set of instructions is made up of individual pairs of nucleotides.

candy- DNA-model _  ingredientsThese 4 nucleotides, along with the sugars and phosphates, make up your double helix candy DNA model: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine. So, before you start making your model, assign a colour to each of the 4 nucleotide within your codon, remember C and G and T and A always pair up.

candy- DNA-model _  step oneCreate your nucleotide pair by inserting the candy onto the cocktail sticks.
-remember to be careful of the pointy ends on the cocktails sticks!
Make sure your grown up is here for this part.

candy- DNA-model _  step twoAttach each end of the cocktail stick to your strawberry pencil,
evenly spacing each stick until you’ve made a long enough string.

Once you’ve done that, give a slight twist to create the classic twisty helix!

candy- DNA-model _  final step part 1candy- DNA-model _  final step part 1