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scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit brochure
Nadia Innovate: Get started guide
Dolomite Bio Nadia Family Brochure
Nadia & Nadia Innovate Brochure (Japanese)

Flyers and scientific posters
Nadia Instrument Flyer 日本語
Nadia Innovate Flyer 日本語
Plant Encapsulation with Nadia Innovate
Datasheet – scRNA-Seq of mouse lung cells
Datasheet – ppRNA-Seq of Arabidopsis thaliana leaf
RNAdia flyer
Single Nuclei RNA-Seq with Nadia datasheet
Datasheet – scRNA-Seq on Nadia
Using Partek flow for effortless analysis of Nadia-derived single cell data
High throughput single cell RNA-Seq scientific poster

Application notes and white papers
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Encapsulation of cells in agarose – Nadia Innovate
Plant Protoplast RNA-Seq – Nadia Instrument
NGS guide
Single Nuclei RNA-Seq – Nadia Instrument
RNAdia on Nadia Instrument
Deformable beads – Nadia Innovate
Software and .nadia files
Flow Control Center v4.1.33
Nadia firmware 1.2.29
FCC 4.1.33 config file patch

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Drop-seq data – 200 STAMPS R1
Drop-Seq data – 200 STAMPS R2
Drop-seq data – 600 STAMPS R1
Drop-seq data – 600 STAMPS R2
600 lung cells from mouse on Nadia Instrument