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Dolomite Bio Citations

Use of Dolomite Bio Trademarks

Dolomite Bio and Nadia are registered trademarks of Blacktrace Holdings Ltd. Blacktrace does not require third parties to include registered trademark ® symbols for Dolomite Bio or Nadia.

Dolomite Bio Citation Guidelines

To cite Dolomite Bio documents and products use the following formats:

RNAdia reagent kit

RNAdia on the Nadia Instrument (Dolomite Bio)

Nadia Platform

Nadia Instrument (Dolomite Bio)

Nadia Innovate (Dolomite Bio)

Application Notes

Application Note – High throughput analysis of single cell transcriptomes with Dolomite Bio’s Nadia Instrument V3.0*, Dolomite Bio, (18 October 2018*)


Protocol – scRNA-Seq on the Nadia Instrument V1.9*, Dolomite Bio, (14 August 2019*)

Protocol – RNAdia Reagent Kit for Cells on the Nadia Instrument V1.0*, Dolomite Bio, (04 October 2021*)

User Manual

User manual – Nadia Instrument User Manual V3.4*, Dolomite Bio, (25 March 2021*).


Single cell RNA-Seq data – Mixed species, Nadia 200 R1, Dolomite Bio.

Citations for Dolomite Bio Publications

Davey, K., Wong, D., Konopacki, F. et al. A flexible microfluidic system for single-cell transcriptome profiling elucidates phased transcriptional regulators of cell cycle. Sci Rep 11, 7918 (2021).

*Note, version number and publication date can be found on the first page of the document.