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Join us for our brand new spotlights series, highlighting different areas of Dolomite Bio so you can get to know the team and our company a little better, as part of our Five year anniversary. Today’s feature is the Applications and Support team!

Dr Vincent Baron

Why is your work important?

The products developed by Dolomite Bio are used by scientists around the world performing innovating single cell research. Our devices are used in many research fields including immunology, oncology, microbiology, plant biology. For example, recently our products were used to investigate SARS-CoV-2 infected cell lines. So, I feel that my work is important because as a Technical Applications Specialist, I support Dolomite Bio’s users with their key research projects.

What do you hope the impact of your work will be?

I hope that by supporting and training scientists, the cutting-edge technologies developed by Dolomite Bio will facilitate and enable innovative research in a wide range of fields, which will lead to new collaborations, project development and discoveries.

How did you come to be working on this topic/in this field?

In high school biological sciences were my favourite topic and I wanted to explore this field further at University. During my Bachelor, I really enjoyed microbiology courses and decided to specialise further in this topic by doing a Master. I then decided to focus on clinically orientated microbiology and completed a PhD in medicine followed by two years of post-doc investigating Mycobacterium tuberculosis. After this experience in academia, I decided that I wanted to do something different. I then joined Dolomite Bio in February 2020 as a Technical Applications Specialist and I am really enjoying this new challenge.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I really enjoy the teamwork aspect of my job, interacting with people from different disciplines and departments to solve a wide range of issues that require discussions and inputs from various persons. I also enjoy spending time with Nadia users and performing presentations and training for new customers and distributors.

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