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Join us for our brand new spotlights series, highlighting different areas of Dolomite Bio so you can get to know the team and our company a little better, as part of our Five year anniversary. Today’s feature is the Marketing team!

Toni Bernardin- Spotlight

Why is your work important?

Marketing is important for getting the companies message ‘out there’, it encompasses everything from social media, to the website, blog, webinars, flyers or datasheets and any branded collateral you’d find at an event. It is important because it helps us to reach as many people as possible, it’s hard to sell something no one has heard of or can learn about online!

What do you hope the impact of your work will be?

I hope to help shape the brand for the future through our continued work to improve existing materials, as well as being adaptable to the ever-changing world of marketing. Creating new content to increase the awareness of what the Nadia platform has to offer the world of single cell research!

How did you come to be working on this topic/in this field?

I started university with the intention of finding a career that would allow me to write creatively/ be creative for a living but also a more guaranteed career than being a fiction writer full time! This is why I started pursuing a career in marketing, my first step being my previous position in a local hospital charity as the Fundraising Assistant. Over time, I gradually took on more marketing responsibilities until I was managing all of the Charity’s marketing activity, in addition to my tasks as the assistant, with the hope this would lead to a full-time marketing role in future. This how I progressed to this role as the Marketing Assistant with Dolomite Bio!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

All of the creative aspects; taking the technical or ‘sciencey’ words of the apps team and using them to create interesting and engaging content and imagery for everyone to see. As I haven’t got a background in biology or other STEM fields, I am always learning new things in this role and I enjoy turning that into material that can be shared!

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