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Single Cell RNA-Seq with the Nadia Instrument

Single cell RNA-Seq (scRNA Seq) is a tool that enables simple and robust access to the transcriptomes of thousands of single cells – giving unprecedented insight into tissues at the level of individual cells. This offers vital information and data and is key to understanding many diseases and immunity. This is in contrast to traditional techniques, that either allowed analysis of a few genes in thousands of individual cells (e.g., in situ hybridization), or the expression profile of thousands of genes, but only on a tissue homogenate.

Based on the reliable droplet-based protocols for single cell RNA-Seq by Macosko et al1 thousands of cells can be captured individually in droplets, together with lysis reagents and a barcoded bead, all within a few minutes. This results in the mRNA being captured on uniquely barcoded primers attached to the bead and the beads can then be subject to reverse transcription and sequencing. Each cell’s transcriptome can be identified by clustering by barcode. The reliable protocol can be performed using the Nadia Instrument. The Nadia Instrument enables high throughput automated scRNA-Seq.

 Nadia takes scRNA-Seq to the next level by using automation and flexibility to generate high quality reproducible single cell data.

 Nadia is an automated, microfluidic droplet-based platform for single cell research that encapsulates up to 8 samples, in parallel, in under 20 mins. Over 50,000 single cells can be captured per cartridge in a run. The fully automated Nadia Instrument guides users through all relevant steps of the experiment via an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.


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