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Disease and health at single-cell resolution in immunological research

Immune cells have traditionally been considered to be rather homogenous in nature, with some populations displaying functional heterogeneity (See et al, 2018). Single cell techniques, such as single cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq), with which individual cells are characterized according to transcriptome analysis rather than surface markers, have helped uncover the vast and unsuspected number of transcriptionally diverse immune cell populations, creating new possibilities within immunological research.

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Immunological research: single cell RNA sequencing and beyond

The Nadia Instrument enables the implementation of scRNA-Seq through droplet microfluidics at a low cost per cell and at a high throughput. With brand new RNAdia kit and workflow, single cell sequencing research with the Nadia Platform can be performed at half the cost of other reagents in the market. Importantly, it is sequencing-technology agnostic. Libraries obtained from a Nadia scRNA-Seq run can be submitted to short-read or long-read sequencing. 

The latter technology is key to achieving increased resolution of TCR and BCR (T/B-Cell Receptor) clonality and provide detailed descriptions of immune repertoires in various cancers (Gomes et al 2019).

Beyond scRNA-Seq, the Nadia Platform can be used to encapsulate cells in hydrogels to study cell-cell interactions. In the field of immunology, this method enables the investigation of interactions between tumour cells and immune cells. Hydrogel encapsulation also offers the opportunity to better understand single immune cell characteristics and behavior in a 3D, in vivo-like, microenvironment (Jane Ru Choi, 2020).

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Single Cell RNA Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 infected human cell lines

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