Single Cell Consultancy

Your research goals, our expertise

Consultancy service from leading microfluidic experts

Can’t afford the upfront cost of getting a workflow up and running in your lab?

We are your solution!

We are offering a specialist processing consultancy service for your research, enabling you to outsource your projects. Whether you just want to complement your research with data but don’t want to invest in a complete platform or you don’t have access to a nearby core facility, with our service you won’t require capital cost investments to get the data needed for your research project.

Our offer to you

  • Access to a specialist for your project

  • New to microfluidic workflows? We make it easy for you to get started

  • Full control over your project with zero effort

  • Cherry-pick the service and support you need from us to work within your budget and research needs!

  • Quick pilot study needed or important deadline fast approaching? No problem!
    We can deliver your project in as little as 2 weeks

  • Custom workflow development or solutions all the way from tissue dissociation to bioinformatic analysis for cells/nuclei

Samples we accept

  • Nuclei suspensions
  • Cell suspensions
  • Undissociated samples (our end-to-end workflow can even work with whole tissue)
  • Frozen undissociated samples
  • Protoplasts, leaf, or root tissue
  • Cells up to 50µm (most service providers are limited to cells smaller than 30µm)
  • Compatible with a variety of cell buffers (from sticky sucrose to seawater)

Our services

With our service you can outsource everything from single cell isolation to data analysis by our in-house bioinformaticians

Any of the services below can be cherry-picked to match the research project and budget available. 

Access to a single cell specialist

Tissue singulation with the S2 Genomics Singulator

Single cell RNA-Sequencing

Single nuclei RNA-Sequencing

Plant protoplast RNA-Sequencing

NGS-library preparation


Bioinformatic analysis

Why choose us?

Low Cost

We are an affordable solution that requires no capital cost investment.

High flexibility

Cherry-pick the service and support you need, no matter what cell type.

Peace of mind

You send us your samples, our single cell experts take care of the rest.

How it works

Sample shipment

Sample prep

Nadia run

Library prep