Reagent Kits

Our reagent kit range for standardized applications

Our reagent kits are compatible with the Nadia Instrument
and are ready to go with workflows to carry out a specific application


The nadAROSE kit provides a simple, low-cost commercial solution for the encapsulation of single cells in individual agarose micro-scaffolds in a high throughput, reproducible manner on the Nadia instrument.

The nadAROSE kit is compatible with many downstream applications. The cell-containing agarose scaffolds are compatible with flow cytometry instruments and could also be used for cell-cell interaction studies, cell secretome studies or for microbiological cell culture.


One solution to take you from cells to data.

With the RNAdia 2.0 kit for the Nadia Instrument, gain access to a hassle free, streamlined workflow, where you can create single cell and single nuclei libraries and analyse them, all in one place.

Single cell research doesn’t need to be a hassle.

The Nadia Instrument takes scRNA-Seq to the next level by using automation and flexibility to generate high quality reproducible single cell data at high throughput to assay tens of thousands of cells. Together with the RNAdia 2.0 reagent kit and its streamlined workflow, this becomes a low cost, high quality, complete workflow for single cell sequencing and single nuclei sequencing.