Nadia Innovate

Revolutionize your research with Nadia Innovate, a complete microfluidic platform for exploring, developing, and scaling new ideas or pre-optimized processes

A hassle free, open platform, for all your research goals

Flexible, controlled, reliable

We are putting an end to complicated and tedious modular microfluidic systems.

Nadia Innovate is the first microfluidic tool that allows you to process any biological material with your method of your choice. Allowing for full flexibility, scalability, and ease-of-use.


parameters to create user-defined protocols and applications


new microfluidic based workflows


newly developed protocols by transferring them to the Nadia Instrument for scalable, high throughput, parallel operation

The benefits of the Nadia Innovate

Nadia Innovate uses the Nadia Instrument as the core pressure controller and provides a workstation for development and test of new protocols on a single Nadia chip. Once validated, the protocols can be uploaded and executed on the Nadia Instrument


Open configurable system to develop new protocols and applications



Flexible PC software

Easy-to-use software to control the Nadia Innovate and create, change, test, and save new protocols

Easy process visualization

High-speed microscope and camera for real-time observation of droplet formation

Rapid protocol optimization

User-defined adjustment of droplet size, frequency, droplet components, temperature, and agitation


Following optimization, experimental conditions can be transferred easily onto the Nadia Instrument with Nadia Innovate cartridges, running 1, 2, 4, or 8 samples in parallel for deployment

Drive your research with customization

Easy software-controlled adjustments of critical parameters

Why the Nadia Innovate?

Nadia Innovate has been designed specifically to meet the needs of researchers who want to develop and validate new protocols and applications using microfluidic tools. Regardless of the level of your microfluidic expertise, Nadia Innovate can open the door to boundless research goals.

Nadia Innovate vs standard modular microfluidic systems

Compared to standard modular microfluidics systems, Nadia Innovate is:

  • Convenient: Fewer consumable parts, no tubing!
  • Controlled: Easy operation with semi-automated steps.
  • Compact: An enclosed microfluidic system.


Temperature control is essential in many biological applications, and requirements vary depending on experimental needs.

For example, whilst keeping a cell sample at cold temperature helps maintain the transcriptome state, the production of hydrogel beads with agarose requires heating to keep the agarose molten.

With Nadia Innovate and Nadia Go, control the temperature from 4 – 40°C at every step, from sample loading, to during the run, to post-run incubation temperature.


Adapt pre – and post run incubation steps to suit your sample type. 

Or change the duration of a run to process different sample input volumes.


To ensure an even distribution of cells and beads (if using beads) in droplets throughout a run, it is crucial to keep both in suspension as they will otherwise settle at the bottom of their respective wells, resulting in higher doublet rates.

On the Nadia Innovate and Nadia Go, stirring of cells and beads can be controlled individually, and stirring speeds can be changed dependent on cell and/or bead densities and properties.


Precise pressure control of 3 independent channels up to 1 bar to ensure flexibility and precision of droplet formation.

Adjust presures of individual inputs to achieve optimal droplet formation to suit the cell size, buffer composition and viscosity, or bead material of the experiment.

The Nadia Innovate is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Its versatility has allowed us to optimize parameters to reduce droplet volumes, increase capture rates and ultimately concentrate the RNA. Together this has resulted in a better insight of gene expression in each cell.

– Dr. Christopher Sibley, Principal Investigator

at the School of Biological Sciences, Edinburgh, UK

Our range of Nadia Click Chips

Do more with a click

The new Nadia Click Chip range expands the capabilities of the Nadia Innovate and Nadia Go. In addition to the standard Nadia Chips and cartridges, we now offer a range of microfluidic glass chips specifically designed to address the needs of particular application areas.

40μm FACS

Sortable Click Chip

LNP 2 Reagent Click Chip

(coming soon!)

Nadia Innovate workflow

Your idea





on Nadia


Learn more about Nadia Innovate

Read the blog

‘Customizing single cell research protocols with Nadia Innovate’


Introducing the Nadia Innovate

Download Encapsulation of cells in agarose app note


What if I'm not interested in production, just customization?

For researchers interested in development who do not require the scalable production features of the Nadia Instrument, the Nadia Go, rather than the Nadia Innovate, is a better solution. The Nadia Go offers the customizable parameters of the Nadia Innovate without the necessity of purchasing a Nadia Instrument alongside it.

Are the chips single-use consumables?

The Nadia Chip is a single-use consumables which is discarded after a run. The range of Nadia Click Chips are glass chips, which are capable of being re-used.

How do I clean my Nadia instrument/Innovate?

The Nadia product family does not have wetted parts and therefore doesn’t require cleaning. Chips are one time use and are therefore disposed of after every experiment.

How do I know what products/consumables/accessories I need?

We are able to advise you and produce system quotes on products if you are unsure of what you need to run your application. Please contact us.

Will my biological work with your systems?

In most cases, yes, your biologicals will work with the system. Whether a biological is compatible or not is dependent on many things such as the size and fragility of the cells. Please contact our applications team at for a detailed list of cells that have been trialed in our Nadia product family.

What range of droplet sizes can you make on one chip?

On the Nadia Innovate, you can generate droplets <40 µm in diameter with Do Bio’s new 40 µm FACS Sortable Click Chip and up to 100 µm with the standard Nadia Innovate Chip.

Can you change buffers and reagents that are used in the system?

Yes, the Nadia Innovate is fully flexible, allowing the use of your own reagents and the development of applications.

What is the minimum exposure time on the microscope with the Nadia Innovate?

50 ms