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Nadia Go

Power your research with Nadia Go


A compact and affordable microfluidic system

Customize parameters to create user-defined protocols and applications.

Develop new microfluidic based biological workflows.

Discover the unlimited possibilities of an open platform, built for custom microfluidic research and custom genomics projects.



Open configurable system to develop new protocols and applications.


Rapid protocol optimization-

User-defined adjustment of droplet size, frequency, droplet components, temperature, and agitation

Easy process visualization –

High-speed microscope and camera for real-time observation of droplet formation

Flexible PC software-

Easy-to-use software to control the Nadia Go and create, change, test, and save new protocols


Easy software-controlled adjustments of critical parameters on the Nadia Go


Gain access to the custom microfluidic protocol development features of our Nadia Innovate without purchasing the full companion product, the Nadia instrument.

Find out more about customizing you research with Innovate Get Started Guide >

Temperature control and flexibility at every step, from 4 – 40°C.

Temperature control is essential in many biological applications, and requirements vary depending on experimental needs.



Integrated gentle stirring of the 2 aqueous reservoirs to ensure that particles, e.g. cells and beads, remain evenly suspended  throughout the run resulting in consistent encapsulation.




Adapt pre- and post run incubation steps to suit the user’s specific experiment.

The total duration of a run can be increased or decreased to process more, or less, sample, and accommodate for various sample sizes, ranging from 100 to 250 µl.

Precise pressure control of 3 independent channels up to 1 bar to ensure greatest 
flexibility and quality of droplet formation.

Adjust the pressure to adapt to reagent viscosity or to achieve optimal flow rates when using deformable beads.


A hassle free, open platform.

Solve the frustrations associated with cumbersome modular systems and open the pathway to development, regardless of your level of microfluidic expertise.

Compared to standard modular microfluidics systems, Nadia Go is:

Convenient: Fewer consumable parts and no tubing!

Consistent: Reliable, single use chips- no PDMS.

Controlled: Easy operation with semi automated steps.

Compact: An enclosed microfluidic system with a smaller footprint.


Why trust us?

  • We offer world-class support
  • We have >20 years of experience in droplet microfluidics
  • Our technology has been to the moon and the deep sea
  • We believe in democratizing science, which is why we created a lower cost, open platform. With freedom from specific, standardized protocols or applications, enabling researchers to create and share novel protocols with other users

Nadia Go resources


Download the flyer ->

Watch the intro video ->

Watch this webinar on the benefits of the Nadia Innovate open protocol development ->

Nadia Go FAQ’s

How is Nadia Go different from previous Nadia products? Why should I buy Nadia Go?

  • Nadia Go is an accessible, flexible and lower cost platform which offers the flexible microfluidic features of the Nadia Innovate, but without the scale up option. If you are looking to develop your own microfluidic protocols and applications, the Nadia Go is for you.
  • The Nadia Go is a “plug-and-play” instrument, featuring pre-set standard protocols that can be adapted, or you can set up your own protocols.
  • Nadia Go is more compact and can increase your biological workflows output without a huge footprint.

Why should I buy Nadia Go?

  • Nadia Go has the open system of Nadia Innovate that allows you to develop new protocols and applications, but no longer requires a Nadia Instrument for system control and protocol transfer functions.
  • Nadia Go is a cutting-edge microfluidic device that is most suitable for ‘tinkering’ scientists. The device is very easy to use and usable by those with limited microfluidic knowledge but looking to implement it into their biological workflows.

Is the Nadia Go suitable for hydrogel applications?

  • YES. We have recently released two reagent kits called nadAROSE and nadia3D for this application. With our reagent kits and Nadia Go, your cells will remain viable for extended periods of time or even proliferate throughout the matrix. And then, you can use the cell-containing agarose (nadAROSE) scaffolds in various applications, including flow cytometry, cell secretion studies, cell-cell interactions, and microbial cell culture studies. Meanwhile, cell-containing collagen (nadia3D) scaffolds can be used to study spheroid growth, organoid production, drug discovery, screening and evaluation studies, disease models, and developmental studies.

    Read more about the encapsulation of cells in individual hygrodel scaffolds here

Is there a limit on cell size on the Nadia Go?

  • Nadia Go can process cells of over 50µm (up to 60µm) and those with added buffer requirements such as cardiomyocytes and plant cells which are typically much larger than 50µm in diameter.

What sample types are compatible with the Nadia Go?

  • The Nadia Go is compatible with a very wide range of samples types owing to its flexibility in sample buffers and broad cell size range. Species that have been tested internally and published range from mammals, fungi and plants and are sourced from primary tissue and model organisms.

How do I analyze my single cell data?

  • You could self-analyse your single-cell data with open-sourced pipeline (for example, STAR-solo, kallisto|bustools) and some tweaking in the code. Otherwise, we have an in-house Bioinformatics Analytics Service for all your bioinformatics needs. All you need to do is securely transfer your raw data to us, we will do the crunchwork and give you the results.


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