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Single Cell RNA-Seq data-sets

Single cell RNA-Seq enables the analysis of thousands of single cells in order to identify and monitor cellular expression patterns. Using the Drop-seq protocol, the Nadia Instrument can profile up to 50,000 single cell libraries in under 20 minutes. 

The below data is generated using the Drop-seq protocol on the Nadia Instrument using a 1:1 mixture of HEK293T and 3T3 cells with both 200 cells and 600 cells. 

  • FAQs
How do I open these files?

We've used a free compression tool called ALAPY to make these files more web friendly.

You can download the tool here:

Instructions for extracting

  1. Extract the zip file to expose the files.
  2. Navigate to the folder in the command line.
  3. type the command alapy_arc.exe alapy -d FILENAME
  4. Done

alapy [OPTION] [FILE] [OPTION]...
-c [ --compress ] arg compress your .fastq or .fastq.gz FILE to .ac file (lossless compression by default)
-d [ --decompress ] arg decompress your .ac FILE to .fastq.gz file
-h [ --help ] print help and exit