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Applications Pack for µEncapsulator 1 – Smaller (15µm) Droplets

The Smaller (15µm) Droplets Applications Pack includes 15µm fluorophillic chips for the µEncapsulator 1 module which enables cell encapsulation in monodisperse 2 picolitre (15µm) droplets. A second stream, containing a reagent, reaction mix, gel, or beads, is mixed in immediately before the junction. This chip interfaces directly with the Sample Reservoir Chip (part no. 3200444) via the mounted gasket.

This chip can be used in a two–step process with the µEncapsulator 1 – 2 Reagent 15µm hydrophilic chip (3200528) to make generate double emulsions which enables in vitro evolution, by enabling libraries to be sorted using a conventional FACS machine.

This pack also includes Pico-Surf™ 1, a specialised chemical solution containing a proprietary surfactant in fluorocarbon carrier oil and Fluoridrop 7500, for diluting Pico-Surf to the desired concentration.   

µEncapsulator 1 -2 Reagent Droplet Chip (50µm) Fluorophilic (Pack of 3)
1 x Pico-Surf ™ 1, 10ml, 5% in Novec 7500
1 x Fluoridrop 7500, 500ml