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Applications Pack for µEncapsulator 1 – Double Emulsions

The Double Emulsions Applications Pack includes 15µm fluorophilic and hydrophillic chips which are used in a two–step process to  generate double emulsions which enables in vitro evolution, by enabling libraries to be sorted using a conventional FACS machine.   This pack also includes Pico-Surf™ 1, a specialised chemical solution containing a proprietary surfactant in fluorocarbon carrier oil and Fluoridrop 7500, for diluting Pico-Surf to the desired concentration.

µEncapsulator 1 – 2 Reagent Droplet Chip (15µm etch depth) Fluorophilic (Pack of 3)
µEncapsulator 1 – 2 Reagent Droplet Chip (15µm Etch Depth) Hydrophilic (Pack of 3)
1 x Pico-Surf ™ 1, 10ml, 5% in Novec 7500
1 x Fluoridrop 7500, 500ml