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µEncapsulator System

The μEncapsulator System is a complete system for high throughput encapsulation of individual cells into picolitre droplets. The flexibility of the system and the possibility to use your own reagents enables a range of applications and the development of your own single cell methods.

  • High throughput: Encapsulation of 300,000 single cells in 15 min.
  • Flexible open system: Full control of pressures and flow rates.
  • High quality results: Doublet rate below 0.5 % and extremely monodisperse emulsion (CV <5%)
  • Precise control: Accurate control of the temperature inside the complete cell path between 1°C to 100°C. Availability of flow sensor for different flow rate ranges enables precise control.
  • Installation & training: The exceptional service includes onsite installation and training by our experienced applications team.
  • Automation and integrated droplet analysis via PC software: Real time images of dropletization enables quality control of droplet formation and development of new protocols.

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To encapsulate a sample, the user loads the sample and reagent into two separate 100µl reservoirs, closes the module, and starts the program. During one run of 15minutes, 3 million droplets containing 300,000 cells are being collected in the built-in output reservoir.

Highly monodisperse droplets are being produced with precise control using the pressure pumps. The flow sensors provide real time display of micro-scale flow rates and allow for accurate adjustment of flow.

The entire cell path (chip junction, sample and collection reservoir) can be maintained at a set temperature (between 1 and 100°C) with the TCU-100 temperature control unit. Droplet production can be monitored with the High Speed Camera and Microscope System and hardware controlled with the Flow Control Centre software.

A μEncapsulator system includes:
Hardware (μEncapsulator, 3 pressure pumps, 3 flow sensors, temperature controller, compressor, monitor, microscope and camera), control software (Flow Control Centre Advanced), accessories & consumables (chips, connectors, valves and pipes) and installation & training.

  • Material encapsulated: Cells, DNA, functionalized beads
  • Monodispersity of droplets: Extremely monodisperse (CV <5%)
  • Droplet diameter: 10 µm to 100 µm. Typically, for a given droplet chip, the droplet sizes achievable are the junction width ±25%
  • Droplet volume: 1 pl – 500 pl
  • Droplet types (dispersed phase): Aqueous (biological media)
  • Oil types (dispersed phase): Typically a biocompatible fluorinated oil (such as HFE-7500 or FC-40) is used with a biocompatible surfactant such as Pico-SurfTM. However, the µEncapsulator System is compatible with virtually all oils and surfactants.
  • Sample volume: 100 µl cell suspension + optional 100 µl reagent mix/bead suspension
  • Pump pressure range: 0-10 bar
  • Flow rate range: Dependent upon pressure and flow restriction but achievable rates from nl/min to ml/min
  • Temperature range: Extremely accurate control of a fixed temperature from 1°C to 100°C, rapid temperature ramps or thermocycling.
  • Droplet analysis frequency: Quantitative analysis of droplet size at low flow rates – typically below 1 kHz – and qualitative evaluation at production speeds of 2-15 kHz or higher, depending on droplet size
  • Wetted materials: Glass, FEP, FKM
  • High throughput single cell expression profiling
  • Encapsulation of cells in hydrogels, for culture, etc.