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µEncapsulator 1- 2 Reagent Droplet Chip – Fluorophilic

The Droplet Chip 1 for the µEncapsulator 1 module enables 2–reagent droplets containing biological material to be generated with ease. An output droplet size in the range Ø30µm –Ø70µm can typically be selected with high monodispersity. This chip interfaces directly with the Sample Reservoir Chip (part no. 3200444) via the supplied FKM gasket. It can also be addressed independently for basic tests using the Multiflux® Linear Connector 4-way (part no. 3200024) and Top Interface 4–way 2.15 mm (part no. 3000237). The 2 reagent streams meet immediately before the junction, minimising mixing prior to the formation of droplets. The Dolomite Bio’s flow focussing junction design enables thousands of reactions per second to be carried out in volume-controlled compartments, isolated by a flowing carrier stream.

Features and benefits:

  • Rapid generation of 2 reagent droplets containing biological material
  • Channel cross-section at the junction 50 µm x 55 µm (depth x width)
  • Channel cross-section after the junction 50 µm x 150 µm (depth x width)
  • Chip size 11.25mm x 15mm x 2mm
  • Fluorophilic surface coating for use with fluorocarbon carrier oils
  • Attached FKM 0.5mm thick gasket for chip-to-chip connection
  • Integrated flow resistors for excellent flow stability
  • F20* flow resistor on each droplet line
  • F600* flow resistor on oil line
  • On-chip filter on droplet lines with pore size 50µm x 55µm (depth x width)
  • On-chip filter on carrier oil line with pore size 25µm x 55µm (depth x width)
  • 100µm scale marks at the junction for imaging
  • Fabricated in glass
  • Very smooth channels (surface roughness Ra of 5 nm)
  • Excellent optical clarity

*F(X) notation signifies the approximate flow rate in µl/min that is obtained when water is pumped at 1 bar pressure at room temperature and there is no other fluidic resistance in series.