A new single cell consultancy service by Dolomite Bio offers remote single cell RNA sequencing from sample isolation to data analysis.

sc consultancy workflow

2020 has presented challenges to researchers across the globe, but access to single cell sequencing facilities doesn’t need to be one of them. Single cell genomics requires not just the capacity for Next Generation Sequencing, but also sample preparation and singulation, droplet-based microfluidic cell capture, library amplification and bioinformatic analysis. Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell Consultancy Service can perform all these steps as required, and has the capability to go all the way from tissues to t-SNE plots. Researchers can now send their samples for processing by the Single Cell Service to perform scRNA-Seq and single nucleus RNA-Seq on a variety of cell types.

From cell lines to neurons to plant cells, our panel of single cell experts have years of experience performing single cell RNA sequencing on a wide variety of samples. By compartmentalising this service into discrete steps, users can outsource the entire protocol, or just single parts to the Dolomite Bio team. Ample quality control steps along the way give users the opportunity to consult, troubleshoot and optimise experiments to meet their specific research needs.

In addition, the use of the Nadia Innovate platform opens up the unrivalled versatility of this protocol development platform to customers of the Single Cell Service. With this flexible microfluidic platform, existing single cell RNA-Seq protocols can be adapted for use with diverse cell types and cell buffers. The Single Cell Service by Dolomite Bio can help laboratories investigating both familiar and novel tissues or model systems to push the boundaries of genomic science.

Mark Gilligan, CEO Dolomite Bio, commented: “During the Covid-19 period, we have found that it has been exceptionally valuable for our customers and own team to create a really world leading streamlined single cell and nuclei workflow. As a result of the varied restrictions in the world, we decided to make this workflow available to our customers and partners. With this experience we are now excited to launch our single cell consulting service so we can support all of the scientists projects around the world during this period.”

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