Dolomite Bio releases new Drop seq datasets showing high gene capture and cost-effective single cell RNA sequencing

Dolomite Bio, a leading provider of high throughput single cell technology today announced the release of its new Drop seq datasets for single cell RNA-Seq. The data, generated on Dolomite Bio’s Nadia Instrument, demonstrates excellent single cell RNA-seq performance with high gene capture, low doublet rates and cost-effective profiling.

The Nadia Instrument, a high-throughput platform for automated single cell analysis, encapsulates up to 8 samples, in parallel, in under 20 mins. High quality single cell data produced from the Nadia Instrument enables the analysis of thousands of single cells allowing scientists to identify and monitor cellular expression patterns. The data-sets generated on the Nadia Instrument showed exceptional quality and high reproducibility. Highlights include:

  • Highly monodisperse droplets resulting in an ultra-low doublet rate of 6-7%
  • Above market average gene capture, even at low sequencing depth
  • Low duplication rate of PCR amplified transcripts resulting in cost-effective profiling

The high-quality single cell data has been generated using an improved workflow for generation of scRNA-seq libraries using the Dolomite Bio Nadia Instrument and the Drop-seq protocol (Macosko E., et al. “Highly Parallel Genome-wide Expression Profiling of Individual Cells Using Nanolitre Droplets.” Cell 161:1202). The high-quality single cell DNA libraries were obtained by analysing human and mouse mixed species sample on the Nadia Instrument.

In conclusion, the single cell RNA-Seq application using the Drop seq protocol has demonstrated very high-quality results using the Nadia Instrument. Data has not only shown to be extremely reproducible and cost-effective but also exceeding average market quality compared to similar products. The full analysis can be found on the Single cell RNA-Seq data sheet.

Download the full dataset here.