Dolomite Bio launches high throughput single nuclei profiling on its Nadia platform

Dolomite Bio, a leading provider of single cell technology, today launched a high throughput single nuclei RNA sequencing (sNuc-Seq) protocol for its Nadia Instrument. This latest addition to the Nadia application portfolio enables researchers to cost-effectively profile both complex and archived tissues with the goal of accelerating disease and drug discovery research in areas such as oncology and neurology. The new application is being introduced at the Single Cell Analysis Congress in London on the 8th and 9th of November 2018.

Featuring a tailored protocol for nuclei preparation based on the work of Habib et al,1 the new application enables researchers to consistently and reproducibly capture high numbers of genes at low doublet rates and minimal cost. Detailed information and example data can be downloaded at our downloads page

sNuc-Seq Diagram-Web


Heike Fiegler, VP of Biology Products at Blacktrace Holdings Ltd, said: “We are delighted to launch single nuclei RNA sequencing for Nadia users, which is an important step forward for the single cell community. The new application has significant potential to accelerate disease research into complex tissues, overcoming the problems previously encountered in gene expression profiling of single cells in archived tissues or cells that are generally difficult to isolate.”

To learn more about this new application, join Dolomite Bio’s webinar entitled sNuc-Seq – high throughput RNA profiling of single nuclei with Nadia on the 13th of November 2018, or visit Droplet Genomics.

[1] Habib et al. Massively parallel single-nucleus RNA-seq with DroNc-seq. Nature methods 2017, 14(10) (2017): 955.