Dolomite Bio, part of the Blacktrace group, is helping to drive forward the single cell genomics revolution. Single cell analysis promises to transform drug discovery and disease research, enabling scientists to investigate cell diversity and quantify gene expression at the cellular level. This up and coming market sector is forecast to be worth $5.9bn by 20251, with revenue growth driven by an increasing demand for high throughput single cell analysis tools.

Blacktrace established the Dolomite Bio brand in 2016, building on 15 years of cutting-edge microfluidics experience to meet the growing demand from the life sciences sector. Its expertise in product design and microfluidics enabled Dolomite Bio to develop novel tools for single cell biology. This has provided the springboard for continued growth, with the sales and applications teams doubling in size during the past 12 months.

Responding to market needs, 2018 saw Dolomite Bio launch the Nadia platform for high throughput single cell research. This user-friendly platform offers a number of advantages, including high gene capture rates and, as an open platform, has a low cost per run and cell. The Nadia Instrument is a fully automated, easy-to-use, high throughput solution for cost-effective single cell research, complemented by the Nadia Innovate, an open configurable development system for rapid protocol development and optimization.

The Nadia platform has a rapidly expanding install base in high profile research and pharma laboratories around the world. The easy-to-use system was initially launched with a focus on single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq) applications, which was extended to include high throughput single nuclei RNA sequencing (sNuc-Seq) in November 2018. Additional applications are set to be released in 2019, with hardware, workflow and consumables enhancements also under development to further extend the Nadia range to offer a complete single cell preparation and analysis workflow.

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