Dolomite Bio, a leading provider of high throughput single cell technology and S2 Genomics, a manufacturer and provider of automated tissue sample preparation systems, today announced a collaboration to combine S2 Genomics’ SingulatorTM capabilities with Dolomite Bio’s single cell Nadia platform.

Achieving high-quality single cell data from solid tissues relies on consistent and reproducible cell or nuclei dissociation procedures. To overcome challenges often seen with manual cell dissociation methods and to provide researchers with exceptional single cell data quality, Dolomite Bio and S2 Genomics are collaborating to develop an integrated single cell workflow. The integrated workflow enables solid tissues to be processed into single cell or nuclei libraries using S2 Genomics’ automated Singulator system and Dolomite Bio’s Nadia platform.

“Current methods of cell isolation represent a significant bottleneck for researchers and lead to inconsistencies in their data. The Singulator, in combination with the Nadia system from Dolomite Bio, will standardize workflows and optimize the quality of single cell and single-nuclei data from a variety of solid tissue types,” said Dr. Stevan Jovanovich, President and CEO of S2 Genomics. “This collaboration supports S2 Genomics’ mission to develop tools that enable the advancement of single cell biology research and future clinical applications of single cell technologies.”

Heike Fiegler, Vice President of Biology Products for Dolomite Bio, commented on the collaboration: “We are delighted to collaborate with S2 Genomics to offer our Nadia customers a simple and streamlined workflow incorporating the automated tissue dissociation capabilities of the Singulator with the flexibility and versatility of our Nadia platform.”