Dolomite Bio, a leading provider of high throughput single cell technology, launches a new application note demonstrating single cell RNA Sequencing of plant leaf protoplasts on the Nadia Innovate

ppRNASeq data sheet

The Nadia Instrument exhibits unprecedented sample type and size compatibility, allowing it to provide high-throughput single cell microfluidic solutions for plant research. With the unrivalled versatility of the Nadia Innovate, encapsulation of single plant leaf protoplasts can be performed in specialised plant buffers for exceptional data yield.

Dolomite Bio has now released a standardised application specific to the requirements of plant cells. This new plant protoplast RNA-Seq (ppRNA-Seq) application note describes how plant cell viability is maintained throughout microfluidic capture using high viscosity protoplast-optimised buffers. The microfluidic junction design of the Nadia Instrument allows for uninhibited capture of large protoplasts of up to 60 μm, ensuring the capture of a wide range of plant cell sizes.

This latest application note from Dolomite Bio demonstrates that the Nadia Innovate and Nadia Instruments are capable of efficient and high-throughput encapsulation of plant leaf protoplasts in multiple buffers tailored to plant protoplast integrity. Furthermore, it shows that the integrated single cell RNA-sequencing workflow for use with plant protoplasts (ppRNA-Seq) developed by Dolomite Bio generates high quality transcriptomic data from both large and small plant leaf protoplasts.

Read more and download the application note here.