5 years of Dolomite Bio

After launching in March 2016, Dolomite Bio grew significantly in the first year to include clients in 32 countries, with the µEncapsulator System and scRNA-Seq Modular System, exceeding its sales target by 63%.

This was followed by the launch of a brand-new product family, the Nadia Platform, in 2017; taking scRNA-Seq to the next level by using automation and flexibility to generate high quality reproducible single cell data.

Fully developed protocol’s releases for scRNA-Seq and sNuc-Seq followed soon after in 2018. These applications were soon accompanied by the release of Encapsulation of Cells in Agarose in the 2019 and Plant Protoplast RNA-Seq in 2020.

2020 also included the launch of the Single Cell Consultancy; enabling customers to outsource their single cell projects to Dolomite Bio’s in-house team of experts.

Dolomite Bio’s team has grown from just 5 team members to the 23 we have now. In anticipation of the five-year anniversary, we created 5 spotlights highlighting each area of our company which helps to support our customers.

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anniversary infographic v-5