Dolomite Bio are pleased to announce that our current list of distributors is expanding, as part of our continued efforts to extend the reach of the Nadia platform’s endless possibilities to customers worldwide.

Our new partners include:

Nadia platform distributors_APGBio Nadia platform distributors_trendbio Nadia platform distributors_ dksh  Nadia platform distributors_ Izasa- scientific


Locations of our new partners: 

APG Bio– distributing to China and Hong Kong

TrendBio– distributing to Australia and New Zealand

DKSH– distributing to Singapore and Malaysia

Prima Science– distributing to Thailand

Izasa Scientific (a Werfen Company)- distributing to Spain and Portugal

D-Mark Biosciences– distributing to Canada

Isogen – distributing to the Netherlands

I&L Biosystems– distributing to Germany, Switzerland, Austria (exclusive), Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and Ireland (non-exclusive)


Dolomite Bio’s CEO Mark Gilligan said:

“After the challenges 2020 presented, I am thrilled to see Dolomite Bio continue to expand and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in 2021, alongside our new partners.”


Dolomite Bio’s full list of distributors’ and locations is available to view here.