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What we do

LNP 2-Reagent Click Chip

We create precision engineered microfluidic tools for processing biologicals. The Nadia Instrument, Nadia Innovate, and Nadia Go make your therapeutic discoveries possible through processing a wide variety of biologicals, from cells, to proteins, to mRNA, and more.

Additionally, we produce a number of  reagent kits for use with the Nadia Instrument, offer a Single Cell Consultancy service, and our free to use Droplet Analizer Software, DAS.

In late May 2023 Do Bio is increasing the capability of the Nadia Innovate and Go with the launch of our new glass Click Chips. The 40μm Small Droplet Click Chip is a microfluidic solution specifically designed to make small droplets compatible with standard FACS machines. For hydrogels, this Click Chip  enables sorting by cellular external environment without the need for droplet sorting  – more information soon.

Our LNP 2-Reagent Click Chip, with our microfluidic platforms, allows you to formulate lipid nanoparticles in your lab  – more details soon.


Application Areas

Our Platforms

Nadia Instrument

The Nadia Instrument: automated, standardized, flexible

The Naida allows you to process any biological material with a wide range of predefined methods that is truly easy-to-use. It can encapsulate biologicals up to 50 μm in diameter, with application specific prototcols, workflows and consumables, such as cartridges and reagent kits.

Additionally, the Nadia offers library sequencing using short or long read sequencing technologies. The Nadia has all the advantages of an enclosed, compact, microfluidic system, with high quality, monodisperse, measureable outputs. 

Learn more about the Nadia Instrument.


Nadia Innovate and Nadia Go

The Nadia Innovate: a hassle free, open platform, for your research.

The Innovate has been designed specifically to meet the needs of researchers who want to develop and validate new protocols and applications using microfluidic tools. Regardless of the level of your microfluidic expertise, the Nadia Innovate can open the door to boundless research goals.

Gain control of critical parameters with it’s easy software-controlled adjustments of: temperature, time, stirring and pressure.

Learn more about the Nadia Innovate.

The Nadia Go: a compact and affordable microfluidic system.

Nadia Go is a standalone, compact microfluidic tool providing a workstation for the development and test of new protocols on a single Nadia chip. Cells, proteins, mRNA, lipds and other particles can be encapsulated with a range of buffers, depending on sample needs.

The Nadia Go offers: flexibility, rapid protocol optimization, easy process visualization, and flexible PC software.

Learn more about the Nadia Go.


Who we are

As part of the Blacktrace Group, and with Dolomite microfluidics, Do Bio draws on more than 20 years of experience in microfluidics technology – this engineering heritage is the key to our success. Since 2001, Blacktrace has had more than 100 engineers working on our products, and by 2016 around 50% of our employees were engineers.

Since then, we have expanded our team with more scientist,s including experts in biomolecules and biology, to add applications knowledge and biomolecules expertize. This has enabled us to create platforms specifically targeted for their applications, providing the complete package to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

For Do Bio (previously known as Dolomite Bio) our expertise in microfluidics and ability to process a growing range of biomolecules, not just cells, has redefined and reinvigorated our brand.


Microfluidic glass chip