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Introducing the Nadia Innovate – the open platform for single cell research and development

In recent years, new single cell technologies have revolutionized our understanding of cell identity and diversity and enabled research to be carried out at an unprecedented resolution. The shift from bulk to single cell methods has paved the way for new and exciting research to reveal novel insights in a wide spectrum of biological fields.

Take your single cell research to the next level

As researchers uncover the seemingly endless possibilities of single cell research, scientists are looking to increasingly customize existing protocols or develop new protocols and applications to fit with their specific experimental needs.

In this webinar you will discover what single cell research is and what it can do for you. Our speakers will introduce you to Dolomite Bio, our instruments, applications and the Nadia platform workflow, from cells to insights.

Learn how the key benefits and advantages of our platform can help pave the way for new and exciting research, revealing novel insights in a spectrum of applications, which will quickly become the greatest asset in your lab.

The topics include

  • Dolomite Bio: An Introduction
  • Introduction to single cell research
  • Overview of the Nadia Platform
  • Single cell application and research areas
  • Key benefits of the Nadia Platform.


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