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Inexpensive single cell profiling

The unrivaled versatility of the Nadia Instrument enables cost-effective analysis, with up to 70% cost savings compared to other single cell platforms, to achieve more experiments within your budget.

How to perform low cost single cell RNA Sequencing?

  • Reagent flexibility
  • Sequencing versatility
  • Throughput scalability
  • Ability to sub-sample
  • Open-source bioinformatics

A major driver for cost per cell in single cell RNA-seq experiments is the price of commercially available reagent kits and sequencing. The cost for sequencing has gradually reduced over the last years enabling the sequencing of thousands of single cell transcriptomes for scRNA-Seq and sNuc-Seq methods. With scRNA-Seq on Nadia there is now a system that enables user to purchase their own reagents for those workflows significantly reducing cost per cell.

ScRNA-Seq also benefits from throughput scalability when run on the Nadia Instrument. 1, 2, 4 or 8 samples can be run simultaneously, each capturing up to 6,000 single-cell transcriptomes in a 20-minute run. In addition, this scalability comes without any significant cost implication, giving users the possibility to choose the cartridge that best fits their experimental needs.
The cDNA libraries produced using the Nadia protocols are compatible with all the sequencing platforms available on the market. Moreover, the bioinformatic analysis can be conducted using a fully open source bioinformatic pipeline such as dropSeqPipe.

Additionally, the workflow of scRNA-Seq on Nadia uniquely allows for subsampling of all the transcriptomes harvested from a single sample as the amplification step is carried out on cDNA that is still bound to beads. In Drop-Seq, following RT, which is done in bulk on all beads, PCR amplification starts from bead-bound cDNA. Users can choose the number of cells they wish to sequence by picking a certain number of beads to undergo PCR. This will enable them to retain information about complexity because amplification happens on the entirety of a single cell transcriptome. This allows the user to test a representative subset of cells to gain insight into expression levels of the full sample.

Single Cell RNA-Seq Costs - Dolomite Bio

Lower cost per cell with Nadia

Nadia users can either purchase fully quality-controlled kits from Dolomite Bio or buy reagents from suppliers. As our protocols are open source, we provide a detailed list of reagents with their part numbers. This allows users to purchase reagents directly from suppliers. By doing so, it is possible to performed scRNA-Seq on Nadia at a fraction of the cost of other scRNA-Seq kits. This reagent flexibility is just one of several points that count towards the affordability of scRNA-Seq on Nadia, allowing researchers to complete more projects within budget.

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