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Getting started: Why should I use a Single Cell Consultancy Service?

Learn how using a single cell consultancy service can help you get started in single cell research

Getting started in single cell research can be daunting. Not only is there a high upfront cost to consider before even running your first samples, but there is also the uncertainty of whether the system will be a good fit for your sample type or research question. Alternatively, you might just be looking into running a pilot study or a sample to complement a research paper. In any case, the Single Cell Consultancy Service might be a good way to get started, without the need for capital cost investment.
In this webinar you will learn which research questions are answered by single cell sequencing and why using a single cell service can help you get started.


We are covering:

• Getting started with single cell sequencing
• Research questions addressed with single cell experiments
• Introduction to our Single Cell Consultancy Service
• How to deliver a single cell project in as little as 2 weeks
• Sample types compatible with our service
• How to cherry-pick the service and support needed to work within your budget and research needs