What are biologicals?

They include a wide range of both human derived and non human derived products. It also includes vaccines, blood and growth factors etc. Here at Do Bio we use this word to describe all products that can be used on our systems.

I'm new to microfluidics, how do I start using microfluidics for my application?

If you are unsure about how your methodology converts to microfluidics, our experts within the Science and Applications team are here to talk through developing your process and how they could be translated onto our platforms. Contact us today!

What are the size limits for a microfluidic chip?

For our platforms, the limit of the particulate that you can run through our microfluidic chips is 50µm

What is a droplet?

A droplet is a microcompartment, which consists of an aqueous phase, encapsulated by a carrier phase. The carrier phase is usually an oil, sumplmented with a surfactant, to stabilise the droplet. 

Do I have to make droplets?

No, depending on your application you can either create droplets, or mix streams of aqueous flows. Contact our applications team at for more information.

Do Bio


Who are Do Bio and Dolomite Bio?

Do Bio was previously known as Dolomite Bio. As a result of our expertise in microfluidics and ability to process a growing range of biomolecules (not just cells), the brand has reinvigorated and redefined itself to combine these values.

We are a part of Blacktrace and Do Bio draws on more than 20 years of experience in microfluidics technology.



Are the chips single-use consumables?

Yes, chips are single-use consumables that are discarded after a run.

How do I clean my instrument

Our instruments do not have wetted parts and therefore do not require cleaning. Chips are one time use and are therefore disposed of after every experiment.

How do I know what products/consumables/accessories I need?

We are able to advise you and produce system quotes on products if you are unsure of what you need to run your application. Please contact us.

Purchasing, installation and post-sale support


Do you provide installation and training?

Yes, online or on-site installation can be selected for all of our systems.

Why do I need/what is installation and training?

Installation and training involves a specialist from the Do Bio team visiting your institute to firstly install (set up and test performance of) the system. It also includes dedicated training of you and your colleagues, where we can help you understand the system, how to set it up and give guidance on your application. This often proves essential for users who have not used a microfluidic platform or are unfamiliar with the application and its set up.

How do I place an order?

If you already have a quote, please email your purchase order to (Do Bio is a brand of Blacktrace). If you would like a quote, please contact us.

What if I have a problem?

If you run into any problems with the system, please contact our support team at