nadAROSE kit

Plant protoplast scRNA-Seq on Nadia

RNAdia kit for cells on Nadia

RNAdia kit for nuclei on Nadia

scRNA-Seq on the Nadia Instrument

sNuc-Seq on the Nadia Instrument


Demo reagent kits

nadAROSE kit

RNAdia 2.0 kit


Nadia Innovate: Get started guide

Nadia Brochure

Nadia & Nadia Innovate Brochure (Japanese)

NGS Guides

NGS guide for RNAdia 2.0

NGS guide for scRNA-Seq libraries (user-sourced reagents)

Flyers and scientific posters

Nadia Instrument Flyer 日本語

Nadia Innovate Flyer 日本語

Datasheet – scRNA-Seq of mouse lung cells

Datasheet – ppRNA-Seq of Arabidopsis thaliana leaf

Datasheet – RNAdia 2.0 

Datasheet – ppRNAseq of Marchantia

Datasheet – nadAROSE

Application notes and white papers

Encapsulation of cells in agarose – Nadia Innovate

Plant Protoplast RNA-Seq – Nadia Instrument

sNuc-Seq – Nadia Instrument 

nadAROSE kit

RNAdia 2.0 on Nadia Instrument

Deformable beads – Nadia Innovate

Software and .nadia files

Flow Control Center v4.1.33



Nadia firmware 1.2.36

Flow Control Center V6.1.15*

* if you are an existing FCC 4 user who wants to switch over to FCC 6, please contact for further instruction


To access the following datasets please email with the details of the dataset you require

RNAdia 2.0 for cells data

RNAdia 2.0 for nuclei data

Single nuclei RNA-seq data

600 lung cells from mouse on Nadia Instrument

Drop-seq data – 200 STAMPS R1

Drop-Seq data – 200 STAMPS R2

Drop-seq data – 600 STAMPS R1

Drop-seq data – 600 STAMPS R2