Application notes and white papers

Encapsulation of cells in agarose – Nadia Innovate

Plant Protoplast RNA-Seq – Nadia Instrument

sNuc-Seq – Nadia Instrument 

nadAROSE kit

RNAdia 2.0 on Nadia Instrument

Deformable beads – Nadia Innovate


nadAROSE kit

Plant protoplast scRNA-Seq on Nadia

RNAdia kit for cells on Nadia

RNAdia kit for nuclei on Nadia

scRNA-Seq on the Nadia Instrument

sNuc-Seq on the Nadia Instrument


Demo reagent kits

nadAROSE kit

RNAdia 2.0 kit

Flyers and scientific posters

Nadia Instrument Flyer 日本語

Nadia Innovate Flyer 日本語

Datasheet – scRNA-Seq of mouse lung cells

Datasheet – ppRNA-Seq of Arabidopsis thaliana leaf

Datasheet – RNAdia 2.0 

Datasheet – ppRNAseq of Marchantia

Datasheet – nadAROSE


Nadia Innovate: Get started guide

Nadia Brochure

Nadia & Nadia Innovate Brochure (Japanese)

NGS Guides

NGS guide for RNAdia 2.0

NGS guide for scRNA-Seq libraries (user-sourced reagents)

Software and .nadia files

Flow Control Center v4.1.33



Nadia firmware 1.2.36

Flow Control Center V6.1.15*

* if you are an existing FCC 4 user who wants to switch over to FCC 6, please contact for further instruction


To access our datasets please email your request to