Dolomite Bio spotlights _ R&DDolomite Bio spotlights _ R&DDolomite Bio spotlights _ R&D

Join us for our brand new spotlight series, highlighting different areas of Dolomite Bio so you can get to know the team and our company a little better, as part of our Five year anniversary. Today’s feature is the Research and Development team.

Why is your work important?

The Dolomite Bio R&D Team develops new applications and products that will be used on Dolomite Bio’s Nadia platform. These allow us to continually showcase the power of Nadia in the world of Single Cell Genomics. I help guide our team in its tasks and keep its members happy and fulfilled in their roles

What do you think the future holds for single cell research?

Single cells represent the next great frontier in the life sciences. It became evident some time ago that it was no longer adequate to study whole tissues but necessary to tear these apart into constituent, single cells.

What do you hope the impact of your work will be?

More new and exciting products in a never-ending quest to productise the Life Sciences!

How did you come to be working on this topic/in this field?

Back in 1993, I was inspired by an article in Time magazine where specialised enzymes for molecular biology were first harvested from organisms found only in thermal vents deep under the sea. There wasn’t any automotive engineering where I grew up so molecular biology came a close second.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Working with the amazing people in Blacktrace to create new and exciting products that other scientists would want to buy and use.

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