Dolomite Bio 5 Year Anniversary- Where it all began

Dolomite Bio’s origins lie with the formation of the Blacktrace group of companies in 2001, which was soon followed by the creation of Dolomite Microfluidics in 2005. Building on 15 years of cutting-edge microfluidics experience to meet the growing demand from the life sciences sector, the sister company, Dolomite Bio, was founded in 2016. With the aim to create a biology focused brand that utilised Blacktrace and Dolomite Microfluidics’ underlying product technology, to fulfill the needs of a large and rapidly growing market.

5 years of Dolomite Bio

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After launching in March 2016, Dolomite Bio grew significantly in the first year to include clients in 32 countries and exceeding its sales target by 63%.

This was followed by the launch of a brand-new product family, the Nadia Platform, in 2017; taking scRNA-Seq to the next level by using automation and flexibility to generate high quality reproducible single cell data.

Fully developed protocol’s releases for scRNA-Seq and sNuc-Seq followed soon after in 2018. These applications were soon accompanied by the release of Agarose encapsulation in the 2019 and Plant Protoplast RNA-Seq in 2020.

2020 also included the launch of the Single Cell Consultancy; enabling customers to outsource their single cell projects to Dolomite Bio’s in-house team of experts.

Dolomite Bio’s team has grown from just 5 team members to the 23 we have now. In anticipation of the five-year anniversary, we created 5 spotlights highlighting each area of our company which helps to support our customers. Those past 5 years have been a busy time for the Dolomite Bio team, to highlight just some of what we’ve been up we have summarized our 5 years in numbers below.

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Looking to the future

Following such a challenging year for everyone the world over in 2020, the team have been hard at work devising exciting activities for 2021.

We will be having a big launch coming up in April 2021, changing the way we perform single cell RNA sequencing on Nadia. If you would like to be the first one to find out, sing up for our newsletter here.

Follow the links below to discover the events we will be attending, as well as our webinar schedule and video resources.


Final Thoughts from Dolomite Bio’s CEO Mark Gilligan on the Dolomite Bio 5 Year Anniversary

“The last 5 years of Dolomite Bio have been a great example of innovation and progress in the field of single cell research. We are happy to support all of the scientists projects around the world with the Nadia product line of cutting-edge single cell technology. This has been especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic when our technologies have been used to understand the virus better.

Having worked in the Microfluidic field for 20 years, it is personally rewarding to see the technology able to truly make a valuable impact for science and humanity.

We would like to thank all our customers and employees for their continued support and confidence, we look forward to working with you as we head into our next five years”

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