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Deformable beads on the Nadia Innovate

Recent advances in single cell research have led to the development of highthroughput single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq), an application that allows transcriptome data from thousands of cells to be analysed in parallel at the single cell level. To make this technology more widely accessible, Dolomite Bio has developed the Nadia instrument range consisting of the Nadia Instrument, an automated, microfluidic droplet-based platform, and the Nadia Innovate, an open configurable system for rapid protocol development.

Currently, high throughput scRNA-seq on the Nadia Instrument is based on the “Drop-seq” method as described by Macosko et al. (1), which uses non-deformable solid beads. This approach enables fast encapsulation. However, beads must be flowed at a concentration that only allows capture of ~10% of cells in order to avoid bead doublet formation or blockages during a run, therefore rendering this approach less suitable for use with limited amounts of cell materials or rare cell detection.

This application note describes preliminary results on the use of deformable beads on Dolomite Bio’s development platform, the Nadia Innovate.

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