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Join us for our brand new spotlights series, highlighting different areas of Dolomite Bio so you can get to know the team and our company a little better, as part of our Five year anniversary. Today’s feature is the Operations team!

Tom Gibson

Why is your work important?

The role of the Production team is to ensure that our products are manufactured and delivered to the highest possible quality. This is vitally important given the nature of the customers work, the reliability of our products is essential to ensuring that on-site downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. As the Production Manager, it is my responsibility to constantly drive improvements within our manufacturing disciplines with regards to our people, processes, equipment and working environments. It is important to stay on top of advancements in these areas so that we can continue to offer the best products and services within the sector.

What do you hope the impact of your work will be?

I hope that the Production team can continue to support Dolomite Bio in developing and producing innovative products that significantly contribute to advancements in single cell research. More specifically, I hope that our hard work in setting solid foundations over the last couple of years will enable us to scale up our manufacturing capabilities as our product range expands and our customer base grows.

How did you come to be working on this topic/in this field?

I have always been interested in Mechanical Engineering and have been involved in manufacturing, designing, and developing scientific products and technologies with a bias to microfluidic devices throughout my academic and professional career.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

It is exciting to be constantly advancing and expanding our manufacturing capabilities to suit new products and applications. There is always something new around the corner to keep it fresh and interesting! It is also very satisfying knowing that the work we are involved in contributes to a worthy cause, it really does motivate myself and the rest of the team. Most of all though, it is great being part of a team that wants to grow and succeed, and one that can adapt and react whenever necessary.

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