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Profiling T-cell receptors

Profiling T-cell receptors

Many crucial events in immune or vaccine responses take place at the level of single T-cells. By identifying the TCR nucleotide sequence in a sample, this allows a researcher to gain in-depth insight into the configuration of the adaptive immune system.

This allows a researcher to profile T-cell clonotypes and functional classes from lymphocyte preps from blood samples. Enabling useful insights into immune responses and reactions.

  • Tracking immune responses from cancer and infection
  • Vaccine design and development
  • Immunotherapy development
  • The study of autoimmunity

By using microfluidic technology, thousands of individual T-cells can be isolated in droplets, reliably encapsulating single lymphocytes with poly (dT) mRNA capture beads. The beads can then be singly encapsulated with RT-PCR mix, and overlap PCR performed. This links the alpha/beta halves of the T-cell receptors retaining the ‘native’ (natural) pairing. The amplified fused TCR repertoire can now be subject to high throughput sequencing.

Dolomite Bio has developed the μencapsulator system which can be used to encapsulate individual T-cells and is ideal for profiling natively paired TCRs. Dolomite Bio’s μencapsulator system allows T-cells to be efficiently captured into droplets at high speed and subsequently profiled.

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