Lipid Nanoparticles

Easy screening of LNP’s for early target identification


Many researchers have been producing LNPs with expertise and equipment from our sister brand Dolomite Micro. Likewise our other sister brand Particle Works produces instrumentation for LNP screening and scale-up production to the pharmaceutical industry. Do Bio draws on experience from both of these brands to develop the Nadia product family; a powerful platform for producing LNPs without needing microfluidic expertise. The Nadia product family is one of the easiest, fastest and most cost effective microfluidic platforms on which to screen LNP cargo candidates for drugs, vaccines or other therapies.  

What are LNPs?


Lipid nanoparticles or LNPs are nanoscale particles used for drug delivery into cells. A cargo, such as mRNA or plasmid DNA, can be delivered into cells by a LNP carrier, altering the cell’s physiology.

Interest in LNPs has exploded since their development into vaccines for Covid 19. LNPs are potentially a critical thereupeutic tool to prevent infectious disease, treat cancer and genetic conditions.

Powering LNP production with microfluidics

Why take a microfluidic approach?

Production of LNPs requires controlled microscale mixing of lipid formulations and nucleic acid cargo, this can only be reliably achieved with microfluidics.

The Nadia platform is a turnkey microfluidic solution developed specifically for life science research and can be easily used by biologists to achieve the microscale mixing required to produce LNPs. Therefore, researchers can screen cargo candidates for LNPs using the Nadia, without the need for proficiency in complex microfluidic set ups.

What makes the Nadia an easy and convenient

solution for LNP production?

Make the next revolutionary therapuetic discovery.

The Nadia platform has many features that make it the ideal instrument to produce LNPs for cargo screening.

Ease of use

Compact, contained microfluidic system with simple pippette loading, touch screen interface and sample loading guide lights


Capable of processing 1, 2, 4 or 8 samples in parallel

Temperature control

Easy temperaure control for optimium lipid solubility and cargo stability

Single use chips

Disposable chips with no wetted parts to avoid cross contamination.


Open configurable system to control total flow rates and flow rate ratios


LNP’s can be used in the following research areas:

The Nadia platform has several features which make it ideal for LNP and liposome production. Three independent pressure pumps permit manipulation of flow rate ratios and total flow rates while temperature control can guarantee solubilisation of lipids.

The Nadia instrument has been used to produce LNPs and liposomes with industry standard lipids, including SM102, DSPC DMPC and DSPE. mRNA containing LNPs can be produced on the Nadia with sizes ranging from 150-250 nm with a PDIs of 0.15.

Interested in the production of LNPs with the Nadia Instrument? Get in touch!

3 replicates of liposome preparation on the Nadia with a lipid formulation containing DMPC and DSPE.

The lightening quick development and roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines was enabled by LNP technology. LNPs can be used to develop effective vaccines for both existing and emerging pathogens.


A game-changer in cancer therapy, LNPs are perfect for delivery of chemotherpeutic agents directly to tumors due to their enhance permeability and retention, and they can be used as cancer immunotherapies.

Cancer therapies

LNPs can deliver molecules into cells that silence inherited genetic mutations.

Gene Therapies