Empowering researchers with unrivaled versatility for rapid protocol optimization and application development

Gain control over key parameters such pressure, temperature and protocol length with an experiment-friendly technology, designed to suit the needs of your reagents and biologicals. Customize new protocols or develop existing ones as per your research needs with an easy-to-use software.

Custom genomics

Rapidly develop new applications and protocols through technology designed to be adaptable to your research needs. With complete control over critical parameters and total flexibility of reagents and biological inputs.

Why is having an open platform so important?

Most commercially available instruments and protocols focus on commonly used cell types with predefined reagents and protocols.

However, to fully realize the potential of droplet based genomics, versatile and flexible technology is required. Cells obtained from plant or other non-model organisms may require protocol adjustments due to cell size, buffer compositions or targeted information.

In the rapidly progressing field of custom genomics, -seq application development and LNP-based target discovery, now more than ever, scientists are looking to increasingly customize existing protocols or develop new protocols and applications to fit with their specific experimental needs.

Unrivaled versatility

What can you achieve with easy software-controlled adjustments of critical parameters?


Temperature control is essential in many biological applications, and requirements vary depending on experimental needs.

For example, whilst keeping a cell sample at cold temperature helps maintain the transcriptome state, the production of hydrogel beads with agarose requires heating to keep the agarose molten.

With Nadia Innovate and Nadia Go, control the temperature from 4 – 40°C at every step, from sample loading, to during the run, to post-run incubation temperature.


Adapt pre – and post run incubation steps to suit your sample type. 

Or change the duration of a run to process different sample input volumes.


To ensure an even distribution of cells and beads (if using beads) in droplets throughout a run, it is crucial to keep both in suspension as they will otherwise settle at the bottom of their respective wells, resulting in higher doublet rates.

On the Nadia Innovate and Nadia Go, stirring of cells and beads can be controlled individually, and stirring speeds can be changed dependent on cell and/or bead densities and properties.


Precise pressure control of 3 independent channels up to 1 bar to ensure flexibility and precision of droplet formation.

Adjust presures of individual inputs to achieve optimal droplet formation to suit the cell size, buffer composition and viscosity, or bead material of the experiment.

Discover the instrument to suit your research needs

Nadia Innovate

Revolutionize your research with Nadia Innovate, a complete microfluidic platform for exploring, developing, and scaling new ideas or pre-optmized processes

  • Customize parameters to create user-defined protocols and applications.
  • Develop new microfluidic based workflows.
  • Deploy newly developed protocols by transferring them to the Nadia Instrument for scalable, high throughput, parallel operation.

Nadia Go

Power your research with Nadia Go – a compact and affordable microfluidic system

  • Customize parameters to create user-defined protocols and applications.
  • Develop new microfluidic based workflows.
  • Discover the unlimited possibilities of an open platform, built for novel microfluidic research and custom genomics projects.


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