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An introduction to Dolomite Bio’s RNAdia kit – Elucidating phased transcriptional regulators of cell cycle with scRNA-Seq

Dolomite Bio and lllumina Webinar Recording


Speaker webinar 1121 v2

One of the greatest challenges facing researchers is the cost of single cell workflows. The RNAdia kit for single cell RNA-Sequencing on the Nadia platform offers world-class results at 50% of the cost of competitor reagents. Significant savings in reagent costs will allow researchers to run more samples and choose the cell number and sequencing depth they truly need.

In this webinar, together with our speakers from Illumina and Edinburgh University we would like to introduce the RNAdia kit and some exciting results obtained with it.

We will also speak about how single cell transcriptome profiling has emerged as a breakthrough technology for the high-resolution understanding of complex cellular systems. In this webinar our guest speaker from Dr. Chris Sibley will show that by 3′ mRNA profiling asynchronous human and mouse cells at different phases of the cell cycle, he can readily distinguish distinct cell populations and infer underlying transcriptional regulatory networks.

What we covered

  • Introduction to the Nadia platform and the RNAdia kit
  • Illumina’s latest news and portfolio advancements
  • Results of studying phased transcriptional regulators of cell cycle with scRNA-Seq