It has been a busy year for all the hardworking elves at Dolomite Bio, so it’s our pleasure to present a roundup of what we have gotten up to throughout 2019.

We have started the year with AGBT in February where we unveiled our brand-new Nadia scRNA-seq reagent kits. The kits allow researchers to achieve highly reproducible single cell data sets with impressive gene capture rates at low sequencing costs. While this provides users with ultimate convenience, we also enable the use of custom-sourced reagents for additional cost savings and low costs per cell.

To continue the cost-effective theme, we attended ASHG in October where we launched our cost-effective campaign. Demonstrating that with Dolomite Bio’s Nadia product line you can accomplish more single cell projects within your approved budget.

Help you make the most of our systems

Another key focus this year was to help our customers to access the full potential of our systems. In June we released “Versatility at your fingertips”, a guide for rapid protocol optimization and application development on the Nadia Innovate. This was followed by the Überstrainer workflow protocol update, a filter-based approach to emulsion breakage that further improves and streamlines our highly popular scRNA-seq protocol. We have also continued to expand our application areas, releasing an application note for the production of agarose beads on Nadia. Developing this further we later in the year demonstrated that this application can be easily adapted for the encapsulation of cells into hydrogel spheres for 3D cell culture or bioprinting of organoids (read more about this here).

Throughout the year we have released blog posts on various topics with special emphasis on the analysis of single cell data. This was accompanied by webinars from our external speakers Dr. Sebastian Mueller on dropSeqPipe and PacBio’s Dr. Jason Underwood on single cell isoform sequencing on Nadia (Find all of our webinars here).

And finally, our year ends on a high note with our recently announced collaboration with S2 Genomics, whose Singulator™ stands ready to streamline the isolation process of diverse tissues for scRNA-Seq on Nadia.

After a busy year, we are proud to announce that our Nadia install base has now grown to over 50 Nadia instruments worldwide, with many more exciting developments to come in 2020.

With this we would like to thank all our customers for their ongoing support and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Dolomite Bio!

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