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Dolomite Bio creates innovative products for high throughput single cell research. By encapsulating single cells in microfluidic droplets, our products enable rapid analysis of thousands or millions of individual cells and their biological products.

         Single Cell RNA-SeqSingle Nuclei RNA-SeqPlant Protoplast RNA-SeqCells in Agarose

Research Areas

Dolomite Bio _Research Areas_ 3D Cell CultureDolomite Bio _Research Areas_ Plant Research - plant protoplast RNA-SeqDolomite Bio_Research Areas_ Long Read Sequencing
Dolomite Bio_Research Areas_ Immunological Research  Dolomite Bio_Research Areas_ Cardiovascular Research  

Dolomite Bio Technology

                        Dolomite Bio _Technology_ products Nadia Instrument                       Dolomite Bio _Technology_ products  Nadia Innovate

Dolomite Bio Customer Spotlights

                      Dolomite Bio _ customer spotlight_ Aki Minoda   Dolomite Bio _ customer spotlight_ Emmanuel Wyler- SAARS -COV19   Dolomite Bio _ publications spotlight_  Epithelial stem cells