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Watch our videos or register now for one of webinars to see our state of the art single cell technology in action.


The webinars are run by our in-house team of biologists and will give you a complete overview of Dolomite Bio’s single cell technology and will be of benefit to anyone who is looking to:

  • Watch live demos of Dolomite Bio products and systems
  • Hear about the range of droplet biology applications such as scRNA-Seq, B-cell and T-cell analysis, FACS analysis, and more…
  • Learn about the advantages of droplet microfluidics for single cell research

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Webinar Date

Use of Microfluidic Encapsulation for High Throughput Single Cell Profiling – Click here to register

  • Profiling TCRs and antibody coding sequences
  • FACs sorting of expression products
  • Encapsulating single cells in hydrogels

This free webinar will include live demonstrations of the µEncapsulator System, talks about the wide range of applications the system offers and the advantages of droplet microfluidic technology for single cell encapsulation.

At the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A session where you can ask Dolomite Bio’s specialists your questions.

16 Aug 2017


NEW Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Many biologically important events occur at the level of cells, so it has long been desired to analyze and follow tissues or cell populations at single cell resolution. For the first time, microfluidic droplet-based methods allow researchers to rapidly discover new cell types and follow the behavior of thousands of cell types. Using microfluidic droplets allows small samples to produce tens of thousands of single cell libraries on uniquely bar-coded beads in a short amount of time. The libraries are then ready for high-throughput sequencing.

Click here for more information.

NEW µEncapsulator – single cell application

The µEncapsulator System enables simple, quick and reliable encapsulation of single cells, DNA and/or functionalized beads in high precision, monodisperse picoliter droplets. The high-throughput system can encapsulate 300,000 cells into 3 million droplets in 15 minutes.

Click here to view the µEncapsulator product page.

Cells in Double Emulsion Droplets

Two stage process of double emulsion production based on the application note which investigates a two-chip system for making 30µm double emulsion droplets, containing individual cells.

Find out more about cell encapsulation.